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We offer a variety of fertilizers and herbicides for your lawn and garden. These products are available at our store in Continental, Ohio.

Have questions about lawn and garden fertilizers or herbicides? Contact us by calling 419-596-3896 or send us a website message.

Bagged Fertilizers

17-2-5 w/ 10% Dimmension         $26.00/Bg
(Crabgrass Control)
20-0-5 w/ Trimec                          $25.00/Bg
21-0-3 w/ Mallet                            $25.00/Bg
(Grub Control)
Lawn Herbicides
2,4 Amine: $16.56 per gallon

Quinclorac 75 DF: $37.00 per lb.

Triplet: $37 per gallon
Driveway and Non-Cropland Herbicides
Bareground 21: $87 per bag

EsPlanade EZ: $22 per quart

Karmex: $6.63 per lb.

Roundup QuickPro Dry Packs: $16 per box (5 packs)
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All prices are cash prices.

21-0-0-24S%      $15.00/Bg
20-10-10             $15.00/Bg
12-12-12             $12.50/Bg
5-10-10               $12.00/Bg
6-24-24               $15.00/Bg
Bagged Fertilizers & Treatments