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Black Regency Flagstone
Colonial Grey Slabs flagstone
Dove Grey Flagstone
fieldstone natural flagstone
Glacier Grey flagstone
Glacier Grey flagstone cut walls stone
Gray gorge flagstone
green river flagstone
Indiana Buff flagstone
Michigan sandstone
midnight blue flagstone
Mocha flagstone
Pennsylvania Blue flagstone
red steppers flagstone
silver mist flagstone
sothern buff steppers flagstone
tumbled blue stone
Black Regency
Price: $410 per ton or $115 per retail pk.
Fieldstone Natural (heavy)
Price: $280 per ton
Colonial Grey Slabs
Price: $280 per ton
Dove Grey
Price: $410 per ton
Glacier Grey
(one side chop stone)
Price: $200 per ton
Glacier Grey
(cut wall stone)
Price: $240 per ton
Gray Gorge
Price: $280 per ton
Green River
Price: $410 per ton
Indiana (cut wall stone)
Price: $240 per ton
Michigan Sandstone
Price: $240 per ton
Midnight Blue
Price: $410 per ton
Price: $320 per ton
Pennsylvania Blue
Price: $420 per ton
Red Steppers
Price: $360 per ton
Silver Mist
Price: $410 per ton
Southern Buff Steppers 
Price: $250 per ton
Tumbled Blue Stone
Price: $360 per ton
Yes!  We can deliver flagstone to your home
Flagstone can be used in many different types of home landscape projects including patios, retaining walls, pathways and more. 
We offer the below flagstone options to meet your needs. Pick-up flagstone at our store in Continental, Ohio or we can deliver it for you. 

Have questions about flagstone? Contact us by calling 419-596-3896 or send us a website message.

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All prices are cash prices.
How do I know how much I need?     Approximately 1 ton of flagstone covers 100 square feet. (10 x 10 area)