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Alabama Sunset Stone
Price: $126 per ton
Chocolate Brown Stone
Price: $118 per ton
Kingston Red Granite Rock
Price: $130 per ton
Maylen Black Gravel
Price: $122 per ton
Rose Stone
Price: $139 per ton
Sunset Light Stone
Price: $127 per ton
Veri White Calcite Stone
Price: $160 per ton
Slatescape Chips
Price: $128 per ton
Meremac Rock
Price: $115 per ton
Yes!  We can deliver decorative gravel to your home
Decorative gravel enhances any home landscape. Use in flower beds, define landscape borders and much more. We offer the below decorative gravel options. Pick-up at our store in Continental, Ohio or we can deliver it to you. 
Have questions about decorative gravel? Contact us by calling 419-596-3896 or send us a website message.

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All prices are cash prices.
How Much Do I Need?
Approximately 25# - 30# of product
Covers 1sq. ft. , 2 in. deep